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Ready- To-Eat

Finger Food!

The World Cup season is synonymous with get-together, luncheons, parties and more, isn’t it? But, these parties come with a slight twist. Here, people are too involved in the game to concentrate on food. So, keep the food simple and easy to eat. You perfect answer is: Finger food.Go for wholesome optionslike Crudités -- raw vegetable like carrots or cucumber served with hung curd dip. You can play the dips by making it as spicy as you like, to as minty as you want.

To sweeten the cheer-filled matches add some mug brownies. These are easy to bake and the preparation time is five to ten minutes. Dry fruits like almonds, raisins or walnuts are a great addition. Chocolate chips are a favorite among many, so be sure to add some. Whole-wheat flour would be a healthier choice, giving you more energy to cheer for the team.