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Food & Beverages

Add irresistible flavors to every meal with our wide range of food and beverages, from baked delights to dairy products, juices, meats, ready-to-eat foods, instant mixes and everything else you desire. We source all our products from approved vendors only, and quality is ensured at every stage of receiving, storage and transportation of all food products so that your family gets the very best of food and beverage at all times.

You can also enjoy the great taste of our Own Brands, Feasters, more. Choice, Kitchen’s Promise and Selecta, where each bite or sip is a flavor-filled experience that’s unforgettable.

  • Our Bakeries


    Our bakeries serve a variety of freshly baked delights every day at a more.MEGASTORE near you and add a new dimension to your shopping experience. Our sophisticated & sustainable commissary for Supermarkets in Hyderabad delivers freshly baked bread everyday and is outfitted with imported modern machinery such as deck & rotary ovens, dough divider & moulder, proofer, bread slicers and more. In addition to producing over 15 varieties of bread, we also create other tempting goodies such as cookies, brownies, bar cakes and cup cakes fresh every day.

    All our raw materials are sourced from quality certified suppliers because we are committed to delivering freshness in every bite to you and your family every day.

  • Dairy Products


    Nutritionists recommend milk, cheese and other dairy products as an essential part of a daily diet for kids and adults. The dairy products we stock are stored and transported methodically to ensure they remain fresh for consumption.

    With a wide variety of leading dairy brands to choose from - Amul, Britannia, Mother Dairy, Danone and other reputed brands - you’re sure to get exactly what you want at more.!

  • Instant Foods


    The range on offer includes delicious instant meals that are loved by people across age groups, such as Noodles, Pastas & soups, Dosas, Idlis, Upmas and much more. Grab a packet of your favorite food from leading brands such as Maggi, Knorr, MTR and our very Own Brand Kitchen’s Promise.

    Kitchen’s Promise and more. Choice give you the same great home-made flavor you come to expect from your favorite instant mix, at a price that will thrill you. Pick up a packet today and see for yourself what makes our Own Brands so great.

  • Culinary Products


    A staple in kitchens across India, culinary products such as papads, appalams, chutneys, pickles, vermicelli and ketchup are must-haves for homemakers everywhere. We stock leading brands such as Kissan, Priya, Lijjat, Mother’s Receipe and many more in our stores. We also offer a large variety of products catering to local tastes & preferences.

    We also stock our Own Brands under the names of Kitchen’s Promise, Feasters and more. Choice. Like any of your preferred brands, our Own Brands too are high on quality and taste and a great addition to any kitchen.

  • Chocolates, Biscuits & Snacks


    Everyone loves to get their hands on some delicious & fresh chocolates, biscuits & snacks. Get ready to indulge in leading brands such as Cadbury’s, Snickers, Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat, Britannia, Parle, Sunfeast, Lays, Kurkure and Haldiram’s, along with our own brand, Feasters, all available at a more. store near you.

  • Breakfast Needs


    Start your day with a wide variety of breakfast essentials such as cereals, Oats, Muesli, jams, spreads, honey and more. A great start to a day with leading brands such as Kelloggs, Bagrry’s, Saffola, Kissan and Dabur will ensure you have an energetic breakfast.

    Our Own Brand Feasters offers breakfast cereals, Oats, jams & honey that are flavorsome and value for money.

  • Hot Beverages


    Whether you prefer coffee or tea, we stock a wide variety of hot beverages that will perk up your mornings and serve as the perfect start to your family’s morning. You can rest assured that your family will get off to a healthy start every day thanks to the nutritional value of nutrient-rich hot beverages we sell, such as tea and coffee. We also have a wide variety of coffees, organic teas and health drinks for you to choose from, so there’s a flavor to be found for everyone along with multiple health benefits.

    Wake up to the aroma of premium tea every time you choose our own brand, Selecta. Pick up a pack and experience a cup today!

  • Aerated Drinks and Juices


    We stock the freshest and the most popular brands to quench your thirst, including 100% fruit juices, other fruit juices, aerated drinks and energy drinks. You’re sure to find something to everyone’s tastes at your nearby more. store.

    Our selection of fruit juices under the Feasters brand are the ideal beverage for today's urban family. Natural, light and healthy, they contain all the goodness of fruit and are available in a wide range of exciting flavors, including Apple, Mango, Guava, Litchi and much more. This wide selection of flavors helps you easily meet the needs and tastes of diverse occasions. Grab a bottle today and taste the difference!

  • Frozen Foods


    Your family will love the wide selection of frozen foods we have available in our stores, including offerings from leading brands such as Venky’s, McCain, Al-Kabeer and Kwality Walls. We ensure quality is maintained by keeping all our frozen foods in cold storage rooms because we know that you want to cook delicious meals that your family will love.

  • Poultry and Seafood


    The carefully selected range of fresh poultry, meat and seafood products at your local more. store allows your family to enjoy the benefits of a healthy, balanced meal that delivers great nutrition and taste every time. Great care is taken to ensure that we pack, transport and store all meats and seafood under controlled environments, so that it’s absolutely fresh when you buy it from more..

    Our meats and seafood is sourced from quality certified vendors, such as Pesca Fresh, Venkys, Godrej Tyson and Baramati, because we know that your family deserves nothing less than the very best meal on the table.